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Christopher Warnock on KCRG News

Christopher Warnock
Attorney at Law

Johnson County & Iowa City, Iowa
General Practice Specializing in:

Small Claims & Appellate Litigation
Landlord Tenant Law

With over 25 years of experience as an attorney, I offer low cost, high quality trial representation with a focus on small claims, exclusively in the Johnson County District Court as well as appellate representation in the Iowa Court of Appeals and Iowa Supreme Court.
I'm a whole hearted supporter of small claims court, truly the people's court. I enjoy appearing myself in small claims, but also I am committed to empowering litigants to represent themselves.
Having been counsel in four major Iowa Supreme Court landlord tenant cases and founder of the Tenants' Project, I am well qualified to advise and represent both landlords and tenants. It's always best to stay out of court and for landlords I review leases and lease rules, security deposit and other policies as well as assist with FEDs and security deposit litigation. As the founder of the Tenants' Project I also assist and advise tenants as well as attorneys representing landlords and tenants. Helping landlords and tenants compromise and settle and above all treat each other fairly, has been my mission in Iowa since 2010.



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