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Iowa Appeals

Appellate law is one of my favorite areas and has been a major focus throughout my over 30 years of legal practice. I did extensive appellate representation in Washington, D.C. before the District of Columbia Court of Appeals and even filed a Supreme Court amicus brief while there.
I have been counsel in a number of significant Iowa appellate cases including Staley v. Barkalow, 834 N.W.2d 873 (Iowa App. 2013) in the Iowa Court of Appeals, and DeStefano v. Apts Downtown, 879 N.W.2d 155 (Iowa 2016); Caruso v. Apts Downtown, 880 N.W.2d 465 (Iowa 2016); Kline v. Southgate, 895 N.W.2d 429 (Iowa 2017); Walton v. Gaffey, 895 N.W.2d 422 (Iowa 2017) and Cohen v. Clark, 945 N.W.2d 792 (Iowa 2020) in the Iowa Supreme Court. Here are Youtube videos of my arguments before the Iowa Supreme Court in DeStefano v. Apts. Downtown and in Cohen v. Clark.
In Iowa, cases in the district court, the regular trial court, are appealable as of right to the Iowa Supreme Court. The Supreme Court sends most appeals to the Iowa Court of Appeals and only retains a small percentage of the cases that it feels are significant or important. Small claims cases are appealed as of right to the district court. If you want to appeal from the district court you need permission of the Supreme Court.
You can see many examples of my appellate briefs and appellate rulings in my cases on the Tenants' Project litigation page.



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